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Art by Alicia Sue Beeson

Nature inspired arts



Ink Art


Beauty is found in lines. Every line is mindfully hand-drawn to mimic nature's magical shapes.

If you're drawn to nature's macro magnificence, I sincerely hope this art finds its way to you. These drawings fit nicely at the end of a hallway, or stairway, or better yet - as a full set in a dining room. The best place is somewhere you can gaze upon their imperfect yet harmonious, hand-drawn, graphic quality.

To read about this series Click Here.



Shop for a variety of products from home decor, to clothing, stationery, towels, phone cases, and more! Each of Alicia's drawings has been carefully designed to express a love for nature with its beautiful shapes.


Shop for unique, handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry. No pair is alike! All jewelry is nickel-free.



Hand beaded crystal prism suncatchers that bring joy to any room with glints of Rainbows!


Sacred Hoops


These Sacred Hoops are a modern take on the original American Indian dream catchers. I’d like to honor American Indians and their sacred use of Dream Catchers by not naming these as such. While I identify with their sacred ways and their use of natural symbolism as a means for storytelling, it is not my intention to make these hoops as a symbol of cultural appropriation but rather as a symbol of the circle of life itself and our ties to symbols as natural beings.

Each Sacred Hoop is handmade and is completely unique, each offering a special kind of symbolism.

Bundles of bliss

By Alicia Sue Beeson


Bundle of Bliss

This is a manifesting activity using natural magic. Each bundle comes with a guidebook on how to create your own personal grid using the natural treasures that are bundled within.


Natures Treasures

Each bundle includes nine of the following natural treasures: Feathers, Crystals, Wood, Shells, Stones and Seeds.

Because these are objects from the natural world, each treasure will vary in size and type. 


Sacred Grid

Each bundle is wrapped in a geometric pattern that is printed on a grid cloth. Choose your favorite pattern(s) when you order.

You may also order the grid cloths separately by choosing the Grid Cloth category in my shop. 



As Gaia came to life in my minds eye, she’s rather curious and fervent. She represents the state that our planet (Gaia) is in today.

Gaia Hangs in the 500 block, east breezeway off Main Street in Longmont Colorado. She will be there until July 2018.


Looking for something specific? Alicia loves to do commissioned artwork!